WORKERS COMPENSATION | So I get a lawyer, then what? And what does it cost me?

If we accept your case, you sign a contract with us that sets out the fee arrangement. By law attorney fees are capped at 25% of any money we recover for you, but we are not entitled to any percentage of mileage or medical bills we get paid on your behalf. In addition to these fees we are reimbursed for our expenses, such as what it cost to obtain medical records or expert witnesses.
We start the paperwork to get your claim on file and make sure you don't miss any deadlines that would be fatal to your claim. If the employer voluntarily provides appropriate benefits we may only need to monitor the claim until MMI is reached. However, frequently we are required to file for hearings in front of the administrative law judge to demand that treatment or TTD benefits be paid, or TTD is to be paid at the correct rate, or demand that mileage or medical bills be paid or that you be reimbursed for your out-of-pocket expenses, etc. Finally, we will negotiate a settlement or litigate that issue to the administrative law judge. No settlement is made without your approval.

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No settlement should be made until you are done with medical treatment and have reached maximum medical improvement. (MMI). Being at MMI doesn't necessarily mean you're done with treatment. For some people there is a lifetime need of medication, or the need for replacement prosthetics.
After you have reached MMI the attorneys on both sides of the case may obtain opinions from their doctors, depositions may need to be taken, and the administrative law judge may have you examined by a doctor of his or her choosing. Each case is different, and we can sit down with you and give our best estimate based on our many years of experience.

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