TRUCKING ACCIDENTS | Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What hard copy of evidence is there to find fault with a truck driver?

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Yes. Unless you have a very minor injury, which is rare in accidents involving trucks, you need an attorney to secure vital evidence before it is destroyed and to establish liability against any potential defendants and help maximize your damage recovery.

Truck driver documentation is tightly regulated. The paperwork that truck drivers and their employer must maintain is very useful in determining if the driver of a truck was negligent. Materials most useful in determining the conduct of a truck operator include:

    Copy of driver's license
    Truck inspection reports
    Tractor-trailer maintenance records
    Truck driver personnel and employment records
    Truck driver log six months prior to the accident
    Truck driver log the day of the accident
    Dispatch tickets and routing instructions
    Toll and delivery receipts
    Weight bills and scale receipts
    Repair bills
    Gas receipts

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